We offer following Services and Solutions to our client
Steel Fabrication:
1. Light and medium steel structures
2. Pre Fabricated Modular structures
3. Storage, Open and Parking sheds
4. All Type of Steel Doors, specially security and ballistic doors
5. Commercial use Bunk Beds, Steel Closets, Storage Racks etc

Facilities Management and Supplies:
1. Services & Support for Voice, Data Network Installation
2. Services & Support for Electrical work and Equipment installation
3. Fire rated / normal wood doors
4. Fire rated Foam Mattress and Fabric (Bedding, Clothing etc)
5. As per need Solutions for Projects

Safety, Protection and Surveillance Solutions:
1. Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
2. Bullet and Blast resistant Doors, Windows and Guard Cabins
3. All type of Fence and barrier Solutions
4. Solutions to reduce damages during any natural or man made disasters
5. Wired and wireless based security and surveillance solution like CCTV, Perimeter Security and Remote Site Surveillance and Access Control Systems

Facility and Team:
We have in-house fabrication facility and a professional team to deliver solutions and services on time with quality and customer satisfaction

Clients and Projects:
Our clients are large multinational construction companies, Defense sector and International Organizations, UN and NGOs

Commercial & Specialized Doors
Security & Protection
Early Warning and Safety
Access Control & Automation
Services Management