High Security Tyre Killer Barrier

High Security Tyre Killer Barrier

Our Tyre Killer Barriers are designed for use in high security high traffic applications. The tyre killer barrier are simple to install and provides highly secure vehicle access control system for approach entrances to banks, military installations, airports, docks, embassies, and governmentoffices etc.

The tyre killer teeth retract below ground depending on the type of barriers type and providing safe access forauthorized vehicles. When the vehicle passes, the teeth returns to the active position ensuring totalprotection from unauthorized vehicle.

We have three different types of Tyre Killer barriers available to suit you requirement.

1. Self-working, One Side Traffic Tyre Killer for Exit / One-way protection.
2. Manually operated Tyre Killer for high security installation.
3. Electro/Hydraulic operated Tyre Killer for high security installation.

High Security Tyre Killer Barrier Options:

Electro/Hydraulic Tyre Killer Barrier comes with push-buttoncontrol as standard, however it can be customized tointerface with a wide range of access controlequipment to suit specific customer requirements and can be configured to use with Inductive loop systems, cardreaders, biometric access control and mannedguard post. Also panic systems can be accommodated.

We strongly recommend thefitting of a recordable CCTV system, traffic lights, safety systems and backup power system.


Self-working, One Side Traffic Tyre Killer. Manual and Hydraulic Tyre Killer
Top Plate Mounted Components. Designed for Heavy Load Traffic.
Maintenance Free/Easier Cleaning. Maintenance Free/Easier Cleaning.
Durable weight active System. Heavy Duty Steel Construction.
Trouble Free Operation. Override / Keep Open option.
Heavy Duty Steel Construction. Specially Engineered thick nails / spikes.
Override / Keep Open option. Tyre Killer Spikes rises up to 6 (150mm) above ground.
Specially Engineered Independent working 6mmthick Teeth. Easy to Install due to box type design.
Tyre Killer Spikes raises 3 to 4 (75~100mm) above ground. Maximum Length up to 4 meter per unit.
Easy to Install due to box type design. Manually Operation with removable arm.
1 meter units easy to attach with each other offers scalability. Electro/Hydraulic Operation in hydraulic operated type model.

Optional Features Available for Electrohydraulic units:

Emergency Fast Raise System.
Emergency buttons with lock down.
UPS backup for the electrical system.
Access Control Systems.
Inductive Loop Systems.
Traffic Lights and Back Indications Systems.
Stop/No Entry/Warning signage.

Construction: The framework is constructed from fully welded, heavy gauge, steel angle and box section and hi-tensile structural steel.

Materials: All steels used to manufacture barriers, and accessories meet at least one or more of the following requirements:

Cold rolled steel shall conform to ASTM A1008 and A568.
Hot rolled, pickled and oiled steel shall comply with ASTM A1011 and A568.
Hot dipped zinc coated steel shall be of the alloyed type and comply with ASTM A924 and A653.
Steel Sheet, Electrolytic Zinc-Coated shall conform to ASTM A591.

More Details:

For more details on design, specification and quotes please send us information about following:
1. Type of Tyre Killer required.
2. Tyre Killer width.
3. Type of traffic and volume per day (Average).
4. Maximum load per axil.
5. Any options / additional features required.

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